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~ Blue Rock Talk with Connie Willis will not censor content, will be commercial free, live and will be in the raw!     (Except for haters and trolls. We will censor, destroy and delete haters and trolls.)
~ Blue Rock Talk is truly Earth’s most “interesting” conversations with Connie Willis. This can and will include: Bigfoot, Forest Friends, ET’s, UFO’s, Hybrids, Remote Viewing, Crop Circles, Disclosure, Conspiracy, Modern Health, Space, Life After Death, radionics etc. (We think you get the point).
~ Blue Rock Talk likes to be interactive with live chats and hearing YOUR “interesting” accounts. Do not be surprised if you are also on the show and not just a subscriber! 
~ You will be able to connect with other Blue Rockers, which are those of like minds, and you will learn new perspectives that are revealed by Connie’s “Interesting” conversations.

~ Blue Rock Talk enjoys “fun” and will show Blue Rockers having a great time, researching or just making time to say hello to Blue Rock and other Blue Rockers!
~ Blue Rock Talk offers some content for free, but is a paid membership platform.
~ Blue Rock Talk will have at least one new show a week. It could be an audio or video interview, a live event, one guest, a round table, in the field, in a studio or over dinner. (Connie does not want to have too many restrictions so she can give you “interesting” material when she gets it. You will be notified on the site when the next “live” show will be. If you miss it, no worries, it will be archived for your convenience!)
~ Blue Rock Talk asks you to please not share or upload Blue Rock Talk content to any other site / platform. If you feel Blue Rock Talk’s info is worth sharing, provide a link directly to Blue Rock Talk! Blue Rock Talk survives by your voluntary paid subscriptions. There is no financial exchange between Blue Rock Talk and those Connie Interviews. Without financial support from subscribers Blue Rock will die a sad death. If a subscriber is found to be doing this with our copyrighted material anywhere, their Blue Rocker Membership will be permanently revoked without a refund, no exceptions, and Blue Rock Talk may pursue legal action.
~ For paid members and for becoming an Official Blue Rocker you will enjoy all Blue Rock Talk’s content (past and present) for as long as you have a paid membership. After you register, subscribe and have made your payment you will receive your login information via email.This will allow you access to the Blue Rocker Members Area of Blue Rock Talk for the term you signed up for.
~ Blue Rock Talk subscription options are 1-3-6 Month recurring memberships. If you have a recurring subscription and cancel, access to the Members Section will cease immediately regardless of how much time is left the moment you cancel. There are no refunds. Payments are handled though PayPal. If you choose to cancel or not renew your membership, you will need to log in into PayPal to cancel and access to all our features will cease immediately. There are no refunds for early cancellations. Once you cancel your subscription, it will also stop any future schedule payments. You will have to re-subscribe again in the future.

~ Blue Rock Talk reserves the right to add or remove any content at any time.

~ Blue Rock Talk’s subscription is for personal knowledge, escapism, learning the truth, finding those of like minds, putting the pieces of the puzzle together, wonderment, opening eyes and waking people up.

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