Voices in the the Wilderness ~ Ron Morehead




Blue Rock Talk’s Book Buddies!
Blue Rock Talk’s Book Buddies with Ron Morehead and VOICES IN THE WILDERNESS
Blue Rockers,
This is my good friend and a very courages man Ron Morehead.
His novel is called VOICES IN THE WILDERNESS
You can purchase Ron’s book and CD here:
**As a BLUE ROCKER you will receive a FREE VOLUME 1 CD with a purchase of VOICES IN THE WILDERNESS while supplies last!!

…The very First Blue Rocker and the official Blue Rock Talker,
~ Connie Willis


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    Connie said on August 10, 2016 4:44 pm:

    Great value, and you will love this! spoke about it on Coast to Coast AM!
    Good job on the shoot Ron! Great directing Keri!
    ~ Connie