Connie Willis



Hey there, it’s me Connie Willis!
I am the founder and creator of BLUE ROCK TALK and a regular guest host on COAST TO COAST AM with the legendary host George Noory. The best talk show on the planet that airs on more than 620 radios stations in the U.S., as well as Canada, Mexico and Guam and heard by coast to coast studiomillions. I am very happy to be apart of it!
I have been in the radio/television field for 25 years, hosting shows from sports, to cooking and to live TV Retail. You may have seen me on ESPN, SPEED, UPN, DISNEY, OXYGEN, HSN, and QVC, or heard me on the airwaves in Louisville, Lexington, Sarasota, San chefconniesniffingwinecropCW_0068Antonio, Orlando or Philadelphia. I have a BA in Broadcast Journalism with a focus on film, performance and psychology from the University of Kentucky and I am a Certified Culinarian withProChef and the American Culinary Federation, as well as being a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America/Greystone. Yes, I lived amongst the vineyards of Napa Valley!
I am a serious student of HighStrangeness due to having my own experiences since the early age of 3. The memorable events as a child and many more thru-out my life, left me with strong desires to find the truth of these phenomenon. I feel my perspective is as much emotional as it is factual which goes hand in hand. I am best known for going into thConnie Looking up in skye field of research to experience strange anomalies for my herself (afraid or not) in order to put all the pieces of the puzzles together. I like to dig deep into mysteries of the inexplicable effects and synchronicity of events related to
UFO and extraterrestrial encounters and anything outside the range of normal human knowledge or scientific explanation including time travel, Bigfoot, PK, telepathy, Mayan culture, crop circles, life after death, ghosts, mind control, demons, remote viewing, forest friends, portals, radionics, super soldiers, etc. Due to my passion to know the truth, I research of all types of the paranormal and look to and for others of like mind to help connect the dots to find an answer!
I am a Certified Advance Controlled Remote Viewer taught under the direction of Lyn Buchanan and Lori Williams. I have written two eBook’s called WIN ANY LOTTERY, I and II providing a technique tconnie hands on faceo win the lottery using a method the military used to locate weapons, soldiers, and hostages. The technique uses a pendulum. I was a guest blogger for Huffington Posts “Weird News” and was also a blogger and curator of 2012 Anno DominiParanormal World , the content coordinator for Paranormal TV ChannelParanormal TV and for Paranormal TV Hulu which provides free paranormal documentaries for Paranormal Media on the internet.
I am on a truthful journey to search out who we are as humans on this Blue Rock. who we are as Humans in the Universe and who we are as humans to The Creator!
I am now planning to share my “Journey to the Highest” with you via Blue Rock Talk…
As Joe on FAMILY GUY would say, “Lets do This!!”
~ Connie


I want to personally thank Jay Walsh and Kevin Moorhead. Two major Blue Rockers that helped me in the making of BLUE ROCK TALK!! They will receive many rewards somewhere someday, or at least I hope they will!  🙂