Thanks for checking out my latest project “BLUE ROCK TALK! Earths Most Interesting Conversations with Connie Willis”

It is a paid membership website with Twitter, a FaceBook Page and a You Tube Channel! I have always been in Radio and TV, so doing this allows me to continue whats in my heart, blood and Soul. Delving into the unknown, well that allows me to follow my passion!

Blue Rock Talk covers by conversation Earth’s most interesting mysteries and then some. I don’t want too many rules with this, lets just take a ride together and see where it leads…  I am open to your suggestions and ideas. Lets grow and develop this relationship together!

Here is an idea of what I have in store!

~ Video and Audio interviews with investigators, researchers, adventurers, witnesses, friends and maybe even with you! It could have me researching your favorite hotspot!

~ Live Chats where we can all converse.

~ Live Shows in studio, on location or researching in the field.

~ Out n About are videos from here and there as I see “interesting.”

~ Expert Tips where folks you know show how they do things and  give “how to’s”, “Don’t do’s” and analyzing evidence of “things” that go “Boo!”

~ Your audio and video evidence described by you to me and those of like mind to check out and chat about.

~ There is so much more that will happen as it rows and develops on its own! I will gladly hear any ideas you might have as we begin an adventurous journey together. with everything being Archived for your enjoyment to check out on your own time!

Thank you for your support by becoming a Official Blue Rocker, its the only way I can bring you Blue Rock Talk! 

By the way, a Blue Rocker is one who joins Blue Rock Talk. Best thing about a Blue rocker is, they are now known as “someone in the know!”

Lets begin the movement, the movement of being aware of whats “on” and “in” our beautiful Blue Rock that we call Earth, that we call Home…

Lets get this party started, have some fun and learn a little!

The First Blue Rocker ever and the Official One and Only Blue Rock Talker,

~ Connie Willis